Fall Group Tours

Field Trip Information 

(FULLY BOOKED FOR 2018 - Thank you for your interest!)

Cullipher Farm will be having a Fall Pumpkin & Apple Patch educational field trip which will include several fun activities. We are now scheduling field trips for Fall 2018. Be sure to plan your visit early for the best selection of dates, days, and time. For any questions about scheduling a trip to farm, please email us at cullfarm@msn.com.

To complete the Field Trip Registration Online Form, click here Field Trip Online Registration Form

Dates: Late September - November (the availability of pumpkin picking varies with weather)

Days: Monday-Friday

Start Times: 10:00AM and 1:00PM  ** These times can be adjusted for Kindergarten groups - please note in special accomodations on form **

Location: 772 Princess Anne Road Virginia Beach, VA 23457  

What’s Included:

  • Welcome/Introduction    
  • Hayride tour of farm with instructor discussing different aspects of farming and the types of fruits and vegetables we grow on farm       
  • U-Pick Pumpkin Patch: students will pick out their own pumpkin from the field to take home!
  • Interactive Educational Lesson/Activities
  • Play Area for preschool students
  • If time allows, you are welcome to stay for snacks and/or lunch in covered picnic area


  • The field trip cost is $7.00 per student (Kindergarten through 3rd grade) which includes educational lessons, farm tour in our Amish made wagons, and a pumpkin. The cost for preschool students is $5.00 per student which includes educational lessons, farm tour in our Amish made wagons, and a pumpkin. 
  • The school teachers and bus drivers are FREE!!
  • Each class is allowed 1 chaperone per 10 students free of charge for grades 1-3. However, any pumpkins picked by chaperone will be purchased at regular price.
  • Each class is allowed 1 chaperone per 5 students free of charge for Kindergarten and under. However, any pumpkins picked by chaperone will be purchased at regular price.
  • The field trip cost for additional adults or siblings will be the same price as students, and they will be involved in the same activities.
  • Children 3 and under are FREE of charge!!  $30 Minimum charge applicable for whole group depending on size.

Payment: One designated teacher should collect all fees to be remitted upon arrival. Please note that additions to your original number of attendees should be paid for at that time as well.

General Information ·      

  • The field trip will last approximately 90 minutes for grades Kindergarten through 3rd and 60 minutes for preschool students.
  • We will have restrooms and hand washing stations available to use.
  • Be sure students are dressed appropriately for weather on the day of field trip - tennis shoes, comfortable clothing, and sunscreen.
  • Check with students about possible allergies

What to Bring

  • Sharpie to put names on students pumpkins
  • Water Bottles/Drinks and Lunch/Snack
  • Baby wipes/hand sanatizer
  • First Aid Kit
  • Payment for field trip  

Inclement Weather If rain is predicted, you have a couple of options.

  • We recommend waiting until the morning of the field trip to make a decision about whether to cancel and reschedule.        
  • You can call us (as early as 7:00am) to cancel or reschedule.
  • If we feel that it would be best not to do the field trip due to weather conditions, we will contact you as soon as possible.
  • For non-weather related events, we would like a week’s notice to reschedule. 

Make sure the time, date, and location of your field trip is clearly

communicated to all teachers, bus drivers, and parents!!